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Day 3 - Norwegian Getaway

There will be a string of posts about our trip on Norwegian's Getaway. We went on the 7-night cruise which stopped in St. Thomas, Tortola, and Nassau. Our stateroom was 13234 which was considered a family cabin with balcony. To follow along or get caught up click these links: {What to Pack}, {Preparing for the Getaway}, {Day 1}, {Day 2}; below is the review of day 3.

Day 3 – Day at Sea

At this point in the review, you know I wasn't thrilled with our cabin's cleanliness. I thought about saying something. Yet, it was difficult to communicate with the cabin steward for what seemed like a language barrier. So I just let it ride. We weren't in our room that much any way.

TravelMan and I went for a jog on the track. By today, people seemed to understand better about the markings on the ground for the jogging track, making it easier to get a run in. I also went to the gym. It was nice & a fair size for a cruise ship – split into two parts, cardio and weights. The gym is free, but the classes they offer have a fee.

We learned from the day before to reserve chairs early. We really don't like to do this as it feels rude if you aren't using them. Yet, the day before all four of us were sharing one chair. So we grabbed two lounge chairs by the adult pool and headed to breakfast. After breakfast, we went to the sports deck to check out the mini golf and ropes course. Of course, the boys thought the ropes course was great! And I mean, great! The boys did it over and over throughout the trip.

B on the ropes course

B on the ropes course

M on the ropes course

This ropes course actually has a “walk the plank” feature where the kids are out over the ocean. Crazy!

M walking the plank. He LOVED it!! One more step off (and no harness) and he would have been in the ocean.

The boys played on the sports deck, on the slides, and in the splash pad while TravelMan and I enjoyed the adult pool, relaxing in the sun. The ship was set up in such a way, we felt comfortable letting them go on their own between these three things as long as they stayed together. The boys knew they had to check in with us and always tell us when they were leaving one area to go to another. After lunch, the boys wanted to go to Splash Academy, especially because the theme was Super Heroes vs. Villains for the afternoon. TravelMan and I stayed by the pool all afternoon. It was a great day – felt very relaxed and vacation-like and everyone was doing exactly what they wanted to do!

At this point in the cruise, we were really starting to understand what Norwegian's Freestyle Cruising meant. There are no pre-assigned dinner times. No sitting at tables with strangers. No assigned restaurants to eat at each day. We were "free" to eat when we wanted, where we wanted. We didn't feel like we were being herded like cattle. We ate dinner as a family at Teppanyaki. It is a Japanese style hibachi restaurant that was part of the Ultimate Dining Plan. Teppanyaki took awhile to eat, which is common at hibachi; yet, when it was over, we all headed back to the room to get ready for bed. We had some busy days up to this point and going to bed a little earlier that night was a good idea.

The sheets hadn't been changed in the room still...and no towel I said earlier in the post, I was letting it ride. The rest of the cruise was proving to be great; this wouldn't get me down.

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