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Advent - Random Acts of Christmas Kindness - 2012

Today we did one of my favorite advent activities of the season - RACK Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. We did it last year for the first time, you can read about it {here}. This year, we hit the ground running. When the boys found out we were doing RACK, they cleaned out their playroom toy closet and found things to donate. M decided he wanted to "paint pictures for people."

So we did a little bit of prep work at home (cleaning the toy closet & watercolor painting) then headed out.

1. At lunch, M decided he wanted to give one of his paintings to our waitress. She hadn't smiled much while waiting on us. After the painting, she smiled every time us. After the painting, she smiled every time she came to the table.

2. After lunch, we went and donated our two bags of toys. I truly do hope these toys will be a blessing to others.

3. We went to Publix and bought a FOOD FOR SHARING meal for someone else to have food.

4. When we arrived a Publix. First, we collected the carts in the parking lot and took them in for the baggers. 5. We taped quarters to a Coke machine, so strangers could have a drink on us.

6. B asked if we could take cookies to the fire station. What a great idea! And you know what, those firemen were WONDERFUL and even gave the boys a treat with a tour of their truck.

We had plans to go through a drive-thru and pay for the person's order who was behind us. But our kids were "done" with this project after the fire station. They really seemed to enjoy the afternoon, so I didn't want to push the issue. After all, we can go and pay for someone's order any day. I hope we do sometime soon. The boys can be reminded of this simple act of kindness and realize it can be done not just at Christmas but all year long. If you would like RACK cards to print, here you go.

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