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After last week's InstaStory about the #creditcardgame TravelMan and I play, people wanted to know more on how our kids fly free with us. So for today's #tipTuesday, I am reposting an entry that was made back in November 2014.

#Repost The Southwest Companion Pass is an amazing travel benefit! You can bring your designated companion with you FOR FREE (excluding approximately a $6 tax) on any of the flights you are flying with Southwest Airlines. When you qualify, you get the Companion Pass for the remainder of the current year of when you earned it and the entire following year. The Companion Pass sounds so amazing, people wonder if it's true. I know I did. Never fear -- it's the real thing!!! And here's more good news on it – you can use the pass whether you are flying on a full price ticket, an internet special, or an award (i.e. free) ticket.

Once you qualify for Companion Status, you designate the person who you want to be your companion. You are able to change the designated companion up to three times each calendar year.

Are you getting the idea of the monumental savings this can bring with travel? This can be used once a month, every weekend, limits on the amount of flying time!!

So you are probably wondering how to get this pass. The Companion Pass is earned when you accrue 110,000 qualifying points from January 1st to December 31st in one calendar year. Remember, you get the pass for the remainder of the current year, as well as the ENTIRE following year. So try to get those 110,000 points as quickly as you can once January 1st hits.

Next step, how do you earn points? You get one point for every dollar you spend on the Southwest Chase Card. These points count towards companion status. I suggest applying for the Southwest credit card from Chase when they are in their 50,000 BONUS point time. One never knows when this 50,000 bonus will be offered or how long it's going to last. Click {HERE} for the information on applying and bonuses. At the time of this being written in 2019, there is only a 40,000 point bonus for a personal card but there is a business premier that is offering an 80,000 point bonus. So you need to watch the bonus specials. Here's the run down of how we first did it in 2014:

  • If you spend $2,000 in the first three months, you will get the sign up bonus of 50,000 points.

  • The best strategy is to get the card now (which was November 2014) but wait to meet the $2,000 spending requirement until January 2015.

  • Then make sure you spend $58,000 on the card for the remainder of the year.

  • This will put you at the 110,000 points you'll need.

Some websites are suggesting that if your credit is good, you apply for the personal AND business card from Chase. I'm reading even if you have ever sold on eBay, you can claim you need a business card and use your social security number for your business ID. This would give you 104,000 (50,000 bonus for the personal card; 50,000 bonus for the business card; 4,000 points for the $2,000 you spent on each card). Under this scenario, you would only have to spend $6,000 more to qualify for the Companion Pass. We tried it, and IT WORKED!!! That got us to 110,000 points FAST!

If you can get enough points early in 2015, then you'll have a Companion Pass for the remainder of 2015 and all of 2016. If you don't hit the 110,000 point mark until late 2015, you will still have the pass for all of 2016.

If you are planning any travel for your family that requires flying or have ever considered applying for a Southwest credit card be watching the bonus offers!

Another amazing part of this Companion WILL STILL HAVE the 110,000 points to use on yourself for free travel. Now, you'll have a companion you can bring along for free as well (you do have to pay the $5.60 tax)!

Lastly, I only endorse a credit card for those individuals who are able to pay it off at the end of each month. If you are not in a position to do this, then TravelLady recommends you pass on this travel deal. Also, please check the annual fee on these cards. Mine is $69 per year, which is still way less than I would be spending if I were paying for my companion to fly with me all year long.

Check to see if the credit card special is current by Googling: Southwest Chase Card Point Bonus.

TravelLady receives no kickback or payment from Chase Card Services or Southwest airline for the writing of this article.

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