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Workout Clothing

New year, new you...blah, blah, blah! (winky face) I was laughing as I typed that. Yes, I believe that a new year is a great time to refocus your life and make goals. But I have been working out for a LONG time and the new you is yet to come. I'm sure I have other areas, well...I KNOW I have other areas I need to work on. I hope to really use the idea of VISION IN 2020 as I move forward each day this year with purpose.

I've seen different ads for workout clothing over the past 11 days of the new year. A few I have tried; a few I want to try. I'm doing a workout roundup here for you. My current top 5 items.

1. Kiava Clothing was a new brand to me. Most of the items on their site get excellent reviews. I adore the style of this sports bra! IT HOLDS YOUR CELL PHONE...get out of town! I ordered one. After searching online for a coupon code, I found JOY2020. That code took $20 off my order. (Worked today, 1-11-20) The shipping is extremely reasonable as well (mine was $4). I can't wait for it to arrive. This cell phone holder is a game changer for me as I still run with my phone and hate the arm band. Be sure to check out other styles of the sports bra as well if you want the cell phone option. I don't know if all the bras have it, but I found this {one} as well with the cell phone holder. They have some cute leggings too, but I don't know if I can leave my favorite leggings (see next item).

2. The best legging for working out is the Lululemon knock off found on Amazon. If you have Prime, you get free shipping and free returns. The CRZ leggings are the best!! TRY THEM!! They are soft and have the buttery feel, so comfortable, high waist...they are perfection! For some reason, I think camo leggings are precious. I know camo and precious in the same sentence, what is wrong with me? But that really is how I feel, so {these} are the latest addition to my collection. The price point is incredible for these leggings. Really, you should give them a try -- I have at least 7 pairs at the moment!

3. Fabletics - I know I'm late to the game on this one. I've heard about it for years and never took the plunge. Should I take the plunge? I'm not sure. After all, how could I not wear my favorite CRZ Leggings? Right now, Fabletics is offering two leggings for $24 + 50% off everything + free shipping. How can I turn that down? LOL! I'm tempted.

4. I've mentioned this shirt before, but it's worth mentioning again. It is soft and cooling when running. It can be worn long in the back or tie it up (like the photo). It is currently $16 on Amazon, plus an additional 5% off when you click the coupon code.

5. Socks - I'm not a fan of wearing socks except for when I'm working out. And I'm VERY picky about my workout socks. I've found these to be my favorite...Thorlos! I'll you decide if you are a crew cut, no show, high rise type sock wearer...but you can't go wrong with these. My favorite are the Thin Cushion Ankle Running Thorlos. I will admit that while my other picks on this page are extremely reasonable in price, my sock pick isn't. However, socks matter! They can make a big difference to your spin, run, and aerobic activity.

What about you? Do you have a favorite piece of workout wear that I should consider as I replenish some of the items in my wardrobe?

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