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Eye Drops - Check Out How White!!

I heard about these eye drops that make the whites of your eyes super white. Before purchasing, I checked with my eye doctor (who I have been seeing for 40 years and trust completely) if they were safe. He said yes. So I ordered them as they were always sold out at Target when I would look for them.

When they arrived, I tried them out. But then I realized the whites of my eyes really are white on a regular basis, so I didn't see much difference.

Yesterday was different. Each time I looked in the mirror yesterday, my eyes looked tired and slightly bloodshot. I wasn't sure why. The right eye was worse than the left eye. Before leaving for dinner, I decided to try the eye drops. And I actually was amazed. These photos were taken 5 minutes apart from one the same lighting (and yes, still with those Invisalign "bumps" on my teeth...I cannot wait to have those removed).

Look at how white the whites become with Lumify Eye Drops!

Wishing the whites of your eyes were whiter? Have an event to go to where you want your eyes to pop? Try these drops!


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