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Favorite Things List for 2022

Even though the first Thursday in December happened to be the 1st, it felt like the perfect way to kick off the season! (I don't think I've ever had the party this early.) But, hosting this party is one of my favorite things!

This year, guests were asked to bring a charcuterie board of their liking. Eight people participated. We had an appetizer board, a fruit board, a Trader Joe's board, a Whipped Feta board, a Tex Mex name a few. We started the night with food and then everyone voted on their favorite charcuterie board. The winner was the Tex Mex board. The winner received a snowman charcuterie board to add to her collection.

We played a game where people shared some of their favorites....things like favorite gas station, favorite place to look at Christmas lights, favorite gift card to receive, favorite holiday tradition, etc. There was a point system to add or subtract points based on answers. We had prizes too! Then it was time for the gift exchange. I'm including links for you to see the items. However, this is not a "price buster" better prices may be available at other locations. Items without links are items I couldn't find online. The price range for the gifts this year was around $13. Some items were purchased during sales and may retail now for over $13. Also, some items were grouped together to make the combined total.

  1. Oversized sunglasses

  2. Battery powered salt & pepper shaker

  3. Hand whisk/frother

  4. WOW Dreamcoat AntiFrizz Spray - travel size is perfect!

  5. Bioderma - great to use as a face wash

  6. Awake Sugar Scrub

  7. Three pack Yankee candles

  8. Fels-Naptha Laundry Soap Bar

  9. Orange Glo Cleaner

  10. The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid

  11. Wooly Cap

  12. Brazilian Crush Fragrance Mist

  13. Kur Illuminating Nail Concealer by Londontown

  14. Meyers hand soap and spray - Pine and Snow Drop Scents

  15. Crate & Barrel Berry Box Colander

  16. Acrylic holiday earrings

  17. Cozy blanket - given in the buffalo plaid for our local high school colors

  18. Disposable toothbrushes with paste by Colgate

  19. ThermaFlask water bottle

  20. Benefit mascara - They're Real in JetBlack

  21. Pre-cut parchment paper sheets

  22. Infused Tuscan Olive Oil from Olive Amelia

  23. Shower Steamers - I had never heard of these. Good alternative to a bath bomb

  24. Peppermint and Rosemary Headache Stick

  25. Schick Razor with Trimmer

We had a lot of fun sharing our favorite things. And since there was a little charcuterie board fun mixed in, each guest walked away with their own charcuterie Christmas tree board with a star bowl. (Surprisingly, these boards were found at Walmart and the star bowls are from Amazon.)

Now the season can officially begin!

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things....

Oh, and since I got so many questions about my headband, this link will take you there! It's massively on sale right now!

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