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Legoland Minifigure Trading Tip

One of the fun things about a trip to Legoland, Florida is trading Minifigures with the employees. On our first visit, we tried to buy a name tag like the employee had so that we could show the minifigures the boys wanted to trade. However, Legoland wasn't selling them. They might be now (however, I'm not aware of it if they are), but we came up with something we like better. Plus, we don't have to get a hole in our shirt with the pin from the name tag.

First, what's the deal with the trading of Minifigures? Here are the steps as listed on Legoland's website:

1. Bring or purchase a complete Lego Minifigure.

2. Approach a Legoland employee with a Minifigure you would like to trade. (The employee should have at least one Minifigure attached to his/her name tag.)

3. Ask to trade.

4. The new Minifigure is yours to keep or trade again and again.

**Minifigures must be traded in complete form - head, body and legs. If accessories are included, you are in luck!

Here is a photo of the employee's name tag so you know what you are looking for:

When we first went we were taking the Minifigures in a Ziplock baggie and having to dig it out of our back pack every time the kids wanted to trade. However, in January, our family made these Lego necklaces as a party favor for M's birthday. Then we realized these necklaces could be worn by kids in the park to display their Minifigures for trading. You can add any size block to start your necklace.

Here is the 2x2 block style of the necklace that we made for the birthday party. This style necklace will hold one Minifigure.

We have started to get creative and created a 2x4 block necklace. This will still hold only one Minifigure. Here is a photo of the 2x6 block necklace which will hold two Minifigures.

2x6 block necklace

Side View of 2x6 block -- this one the boys added some villains

Legoland is a lot of fun without Minifigure trading. But adding this to the day can make for some extra fun.

TravelLady Rating: Whether or not you decide to use the necklaces for Minifigure trading, I do recommend that you try trading with at least one employee while in the park.

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