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Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens, located in Denver, Colorado, is cited as the only amusement park located in the downtown of a major U.S. City. We are from Florida and are used to mega amusement parks. This park certainly isn't a Disney World or Universal. However, don't go with that expectation and you'll have a great time for a day outing. It is a smaller amusement park which is fun, and the lines for the rides were not long. It is a perfect stop for those vacationing. However, I don't believe you would plan your vacation to soley come here.

The thrill rides are great. Some of our favorites were the Boomerang, Mind Eraser, Sidewinder, and the wooden roller coaster, Twister II. The kid area is large with many choices. It was a great place for our family to spend a day. Plus, the weather in Denver was amazing.

The food is overpriced, and our family didn't find anything we loved to eat there. However, it's only a day and maybe one meal...everyone survived.

The parking was easy, cost was minimal, and a very large lot. This park is also a short walk from Denver's train.

The water park was closed (due to the season) while we were there so I wasn't able to review that area. It opens again in May so plan accordingly.

TravelLady Rating: Please do not plan a vacation to go to this amusement park. But if you are in the Denver area, this would be a nice day trip.

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