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Las Vegas' The Adventuredome

Some people will think TravelMan and I are crazy when they hear we took the boys to Vegas, but there was actually a lot for the boys to do and see (and all of it was age appropriate). I've mentioned it in my blogging before, but I'm a southern girl who leans on the conservative side. So a trip to Vegas with a 6- and 8-year-old was going to be done on the cautious side.

We stayed three nights; in hindsight, I would have done four, at the Mandarin Oriental. At night, the boys loved the lights that were on the strip and the Bellagio fountain. During the day, we checked out the World of Coke, M&M World, World of Hershey, Sugar Factory (um, anyone see a “sugar” theme here), and the hotel pool. We blocked off one day to visit the pool at the Golden Nugget. (You can read the review of our visit {HERE}.) We also checked out some of the hotels along the strip. If you've never been to Vegas, there are so many neat things to see inside the hotels. Don't miss out on exploring them! Ironically, one of our adventures took us to Circus, Circus. This is a hotel that is one of the Vegas “originals”. And not one that we would normally visit if traveling without our children.

Source: VegasChatter

On the second floor of Circus, Circus is an indoor theme park called The Adventuredome. It was great! We paid for a wristband that gave you unlimited access to almost every ride. (There were a few rides/attractions that were an additional fee.) TravelTip: If you go over to Circus, Circus in a taxi, check out the coupon books found in the seat pockets of most taxis for a $4 off coupon for these wristbands.

Inside The Adventuredome were two roller coasters, many kiddie-type rides, a few thrill rides, two 4-D movies, laser tags, bumper cars, as well as some carnival games and an arcade. We were there the first week of June. School was still in session for the local schools. I believe this helped with the low crowds. We were able to walk on almost every ride. If we did have to wait, it was less than five minutes.

Please realize, this is not your Islands of Adventures Orlando theme park. However, this is a nice, air conditioned place for kids to go and have hours of fun! It is advertised as “5 acres of indoor fun.” Vegas' temperatures were topping out at 100 degrees this particular day. Entertaining the kids in the Adventuredome where the temperatures were a constant 72 degrees was a great choice! Plus, they have a Code Adam policy if a missing child is reported to security. I felt safe and even let my kids have a little freedom within the dome.

TravelLady Rating: We would go back to The Adventuredome. I do wonder what the summer crowds would be like. We had a great time on our visit!

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