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Carry On Help for Kids

I have to say that my boys have become traveling pros. With their dad working out of two states and us traveling back and forth to visit him, plus the family vacations we have taken, flying is a regular part of their lives. We have a few things that ALWAYS go in their carry on. (Note: I have a link at each item to see where you can purchase. I'm an Amazon junkie - LOL - so, of course, that is where these links will take you.)

Melissa & Doug HangMan Game (photo A) - Create your own game of Hangman with this wooden game board. Comes with a dry erase marker. The letters are attached and "flip" during the game. No mess...Great for traveling!

Nutella To Go (photo B)- This is a great snack for traveling due to the low mess. Our kids love to pack these in their carry on.

iPad Mini (photo C)- Need I say more? In 2014 my kids would not know how to travel without their iPad Mini.

iHome headphones (photo D) - If the kids are going to bring their iPad Mini, then they need headphones. We love these by iHome. They are a good fit for their ears. The boys have these Hulk headphones; however, you can purchase them in other characters or in solid colors.

DK Sticker Books (no photo available)- These are terrific sticker books to keep the kids busy.

Thermos 12 ounce Tritan Water Bottle (photo E) - When flying the flight attendant gives you the drink of your choice in a small cup with no lid. This just doesn't make me feel comfortable for the boys. We started flying with these water bottles (one for each child). I ask the flight attendant for the can (of soda); I pour their drink into these. It helps us have no spills.

Of course, all of these things can go with you on a road trip in the car. These items aren't exclusive to an airplane ride. And the carry on is filled with other goodies of their choice. I'd love to hear what you use to help a trip go smoothly with your kids.


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