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Nickelodeon Hotel - Orlando

When I first saw our room, I thought, “YUCK!” When I saw the boys' “room,” I thought army barrack. However, I have googled images of army barracks; they actually look nicer than what we had. I am so disappointed in the hotel room; I have a difficult time writing anything positive about this location. Yet, my kids loved the pool area, laser maze, and movies. So I will try to move forward with an objective review. If the room didn't have a SpongeBob painting, I think it would have been too sad to stay in...and that's saying a lot since I am not a fan of SpongeBob.

Do you see what I mean about the army barrack feel? Ugh! Even better light fixtures would have helped.

The SpongeBob painting on the side wall did help a little.

If you stay here, try to not be in your room. After we saw our room, I had to go out and buy Lysol wipes. I usually carry them with us. I had recently run out of them; yet, this room needed it. I cleaned everything I could. I found myself wishing I had brought our own sheets for the bed.

In addition to the room seeming dirty, only one of my boys' bed had a comforter on it (see first photo above). Which was fine by me as the comforter was probably flithy, but it did seem to make the room seem even more unkept.

We had booked the “Premium SpongeBob 2-Bedroom Suite.” When a hotel sells a room as a 2-bedroom, I expect there to be a separate, private space. The master bedroom's size was fine and had a door on it. However, the other room was not what I would call a “second bedroom.” It was extremely small and had no door.

This is the master bedroom.

The biggest problem with our stay was that we did not have towels in our room for a full 24 hours of being a guest. Towels are part of a hotel stay to me, no exceptions. The first day, we were told by the manager that the hotel was at capacity, and they would get us towels. The next morning, still no towels, so I called down to remind them. I let them know we would be at the pool until 1:00 and if our room could be serviced with towels prior to 1:00, that would be great. We actually came back to our room at 2:00. The room had been serviced but still no towels. This is absolutely unacceptable. (No worries, we did shower both days...but had to go to the pool to get pool towels to use. The pool ran out of towels too. Luckily, we got those before they were gone.) We stayed 2-nights and 3-days...after 2 phone calls to housekeeping, numerous phone calls to the front desk, and 2 phone calls to managers, we were supplied towels for our last day. This just goes to show how horrible the service is at the hotel. I have other examples, but you get the idea.

The hotel sells a pass for the length of your stay if you choose to purchase it which allows unlimited access in the laser maze as well as the 4D movies. The boys did enjoy doing this. And since the room was so gross, I was delighted to have them out doing something. The boys enjoyed the heated pool. The slides/water play area were not heated...which was cold on a December day, even in Florida. The pool did have a mass sliming three times a day. The boys thought that was terrific!

Getting slimed!

The bottom line for me is that the kids loved it, but I have no plans to go back. The hotel rooms need a major overhaul, and the resort needs to be able to provide basic amenities such as clean towels to guests.

TravelLady Rating: If I go back to this hotel, it will only be to please my kids. I'll remember to pack Lysol wipes and my own sheets. I really think there are much better choices in Orlando.

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