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Packing for a Snow/Ski Trip

Beware! First time snow skiing family is packing!!!

This girl, who has lived in Florida for close to 35 years, went skiing with a family of four. Packing was taunting. I promise you it's not for the weary. Beach vacations are much easier. You need some sunscreen, flip flops, a bathing suit, and a cover up...and you're almost done pack for your beach trip. On the other hand, skiing was a whole new world.

I consulted with many of my friends from around the United States on what I needed for skiing. Here's the best list I can provide for you. I am embarassed to tell you that we had four suitcases for the four of us. However, we wore almost everything we packed. So if you are wondering, “Am I overpacking?” You probably aren't.

  • Snow boots – our hotel had a ski valet, so we wore snow boots to the valet where we picked up our ski boots.

  • Socks – wool or ski – this is your preference. I took both and wore the wool socks on the colder days and the “ski” socks on the warmer days (even at warmer, the high was 38 degrees)

  • Thermal pants – We all wore the Lands End Thermaskins.

  • Thermal shirt or dri-fit shirt – it will depend on the temperature. If you need the warmth, go with a thermal. If you need a wicking material to help you not get cold from sweating, go with a dri-fit. You can also decided between short sleeve and long sleeve with the shirt depending on the temperature.

  • Fleece pull over – This is the one item you may or may not wear. It also depends on the temperature.

  • Bibs or ski pants – I saw a fair share of people in both. I prefer bibs, especially as a beginner. Then snow doesn't get into the back of your pants when you fall.

  • Waterproof/ski jacket

  • Waterproof/ski gloves

  • Glove liners – This is one thing I packed but never used.

  • Hat – We wore helmets for skiing (most people did), so the hat had to be snug (like a beanie style). This way the helmet could easily fit over it.

  • Gaitor (pronounced “gator”) - This will keep your neck warm. You can pull it up over your chin, cheeks, and mouth if needed.

  • Ski goggles

  • Bathing suits – Yes, you need this if the property where you are staying has a hot tub or heated pool.

  • Foot warmers/hand warmers – We used these. They were nice to have in our pockets to help warm up at a break. We didn't find them comfortable in our boots or gloves while skiing.

  • Chapstick – Each person will want to have their own stick to zip inside their jacket.

  • Sunscreen – The reflection of the sun off the snow can be bad. Sunscreen is recommended on the face (and any other exposed areas) for every skier.

  • Granola bars – Each person will want to have one in their ski jacket. If you are a beginner, skiing can take a lot of effort and cause a need for energy in between meals.

While this list may not be exhaustive for you and your family, it certainly is a good start. This is the list we worked off of for packing as well as each morning as we were getting ready to hit the slopes.

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