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Medano Beach - Los Cabos, Mexico

B with his virgin Miami Vice at Drais

Two of the days we were vacationing in Los Cabos, we visited Medano Beach. This is a VERY busy beach with a lot happening. There are many restaurants on the beach, and they all seem to rent out beach chairs. We were able to rent out a lounger couch at Drais. (This has the same ownership at the Las Vegas Drais.) If you ordered a minimum of $50/USD in food and beverage, then the rental of the lounger couch was free.

This is M dancing on one of the couch loungers. I'm including it so you can get a better feel of the size of the lounger. You could get them in the sun, in the shade, or with sheer drapes around them.

Here is our actual lounger

There are sections of the ocean (which is actually the Sea of Cortez) blocked off for swimming. This was important for several reasons. First, we were staying at a hotel in San Jose {see review of that by clicking HERE} where swimming was marked with a black flag as fatal. So we were all happy to have some water we could play in. Secondly, the level of activity on Medano Beach with watercraft is extremely high. Therefore, having an area marked off where the kids could swim without worrying about them being hit by a boat was a huge plus.

The Drais offered a full menu, all of the food that we had was good and is what you would expect from a pool/beach bar. In addition to the lounger couches, they also offered regular lounger chairs. The chairs were $25/day (or a minimum of that amount spent on food or beverage). They also had a DJ who played music in the area. There was an assortment of music played; if you didn't like the song, hang tight, something new was coming soon.

M & B about to experience their first wave runner ride.

There are many water rentals on Medano Beach such as wave runners, banana boats, glass bottom boats to take you out to see the famous “window to the Pacific,” parasailing, and more! We took the boys on the wave runners as well as the glass bottom boat. Medano Beach is walking distance to a local mall, the marina, and an area in Cabo called restaurant row.

A few things to be aware of:

  1. Some places on Medano Beach took credit cards, others did not. So you may want to have cash. Using US dollars instead of Pesos was never an issue.

  2. There are people all along the beach selling what we referred to as “trinkets” (hats, toys, bowls, jewelry, etc). If you even make eye contact with them, they will continue to ask you over and over if you are interested in their product. I found this to get tiring after awhile.

  3. There are people trying to sell timeshares in the area. They seemed a little more reserved, meaning they would ask you if you were interested in a tour in exchange for “X amount” of food and beverage. Yet, I found once we said no, they respected that answer and moved on.

  4. Depending on where you are staying, you will need a taxi to get to Medano Beach. We were in San Jose. It was approximately 25 minutes in a taxi to Medano Beach and it was $10/per person/per way.

TravelLady Rating: I savored Medano Beach. It is certainly not your relaxing, quiet vacation beach spot. But I enjoyed the “hustle and bustle” of the beach, the music pumping from the speakers, the children splashing in the water, and all the activities going on. That's why we ended up there for two days instead of our original plan of one.

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