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Headed to a Sporting Event

I love summer! LOVE! The only thing that is missing from the season is college football. But since this will be our first summer living in Denver, we are trying to embrace other sports. After all, Denver has a soccer team, hockey team, basketball team, baseball team, two lacrosse teams, and football team. We've already embraced the football and baseball team. If you want tips on how to upgrade your MLB tickets, click {HERE}. The soccer park is mere blocks from our home. In fact, we enjoy the fireworks from the park out our back window often.

As you are traveling this summer, many families like to add tickets to a game as part of their adventure. Will you be ready when you pack for the event?

1. The Bag - What bag are you going to carry? I recommend logging onto the stadium's website to see what is allowed. Most places will allow a clear bag such as one of {THESE}. Pick your style and go!

2. Camera - You'll want to document your visit. Often the camera on your phone will suffice. (Almost all stadiums/parks allow cell phones.) However, if you want some action shots, you'll want to make sure you have the right camera and lens.

3. Food & Drink - Are outside food & drink allowed in the stadium/park you are visiting? Checking their website is usually a good place to find this information. Check specifically about their water bottle policy.

4. Tickets - Don't forget your tickets. Will you have an electronic ticket that you can pull up on your phone? Or will you need paper/hard copy tickets? If paper, do you need a lanyard like {THIS}?

5. Cash - Do you need cash or does the stadium/park accept credit cards? Will you need cash for parking? Does the stadium have an ATM? What about "special" cash? You might not have a need for "special" cash but those of us that are Clemson Tigers have the need for two dollar bills. A little history on this - what fun!

In 1977, Georgia Tech decided to stop playing football against Clemson. In a show of protest, students and alumni stamped $2 bills with Tiger Paws and used them in Atlanta to illustrate the money Tiger fans spent at athletic events. Today, fans still use $2 bills when attending away games.

What are some of your travel tips when attending a sporting event?

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