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Washington DC - Day 5

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​Today would be our last full day in DC (the following day would be all about travel) and it just so happened that it was Thanksgiving.

Our family had registered ahead of time to do a 5K for the organization SOME. The course started at a park and through the streets of DC and even by the Capitol. It was a fun way to kick off Thanksgiving morning, plus we were helping feed those in need.

Everyone was off and running. I loved the streets being closed and being able to run through our Nation's city!

After the race we went back to the hotel to shower (and warm was a cold Thanksgiving morning). We knew all of the Smithsonian museums were open on Thanksgiving, so our original plan was to hit a few of those. However, based on our previous museum experience and the kids not loving it, we reeled in the plan and decided to just do one museum. We picked the National Museum of American History. It was a good choice for our family. Sadly, the Pop Culture exhibit was closed for renovation. I really think that would have been enjoyable by all to see.

Since we decided to only do one museum, we had some time before our dinner reservation, so we let the boys pick. They asked to go back to see the Lincoln Memorial. It had been one of their favorites.

Thanksgiving Day view - taken from the Lincoln Memorial

We then went to Maggiano's for our Thanksgiving dinner. It has become a family tradition to eat Thanksgiving at Maggiano's, so it only seemed natural to go to the location in DC.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We have so much to be thankful for!

The trip was great. We were tired. But we all agreed it was worth it. We packed a lot into five days!

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