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Follow Up from Previous Southwest Companion Pass Post

In November 2014, I blogged about what I believe is one of the best travel perks going – The Southwest Companion Pass! If you missed this post, you can catch up by clicking {HERE}. In a nutshell, you can bring your designated companion with you on any of the flights you are flying with Southwest Airlines. And by bring them with you, I mean FOR FREE! It is a monumental savings and can be used once a month, every weekend, limits on the amount of flying time!!

In the November post, I shared on how to earn 110,000 qualifying points quickly! In doing so, I recommended the Southwest Chase credit card with the 50,000 point bonus.

You never know how long this deal is going to last, so always keep checking! Here's the run down:

- If you spend $2,000 in the first three months, you will get the sign up bonus of 50,000 points.

- Make sure you spend $58,000 on the card for the remainder of the year.

- This will put you at the 110,000 points you'll need.

Disclaimer: Some websites were suggesting that if your credit was good, you apply for the personal and business card from Chase. But in November I hadn't tried this so I couldn't speak on it with certainty.

HERE'S THE UPDATE: I did try this. And it worked! I applied for the personal credit card with Southwest. The same day I applied for the business credit card using my social security number as my tax ID, and this blog as my business. We are only 23 days into the new year; I have already qualified for the Companion Pass!!! This means it is valid for the remainder of 2015 and ALL of 2016. Yes, I get 23 months of FREE travel for my companion! I've been able to use the credit cards from the time I received them in November.

You'll also notice from the photo above that I haven't flown one flight on Southwest in the past 23 days; yet, I've reached the Companion status already. It was all due to the credit card bonus!

Don't forget that another amazing part of this Companion Pass...I still have the 110,000 points to use on myself for free travel. Now, I'll have a companion I can bring along for free as well! (Yes, you can book a FREE ticket using points and still bring a FREE companion with you.)

Check to see if the credit card special is current by Googling: Southwest Chase Card 50,000 Point Bonus.

TravelLady receives no kickback or payment from Chase Card Services or Southwest airline for the writing of this article. Additionally, TravelLady only endorses a credit card for individuals who are able to pay it off at the end of each month.

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