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Christmas Decoration Timer

Gone are the days of this type of timer for your Christmas decorations.

Move over, there is a new timer in town!

These SmartPlugs will CHANGE your life. I'm not trying to be dramatic; I'm being truthful. Heck, 2020 has been tough, so let's find some items to make it easier. With these double plugs, you can set each plug, even on the same device, on a different schedule.

With this dining room set up, there are 5 things that need to be plugged in, two trees, a garland, and two lamps. I like the lamps to be on all day but off at night. I like the trees and garland to come on at the same time in the evening. It all happens exactly how I want it...and after I set the times, I haven't had to think about it again.

Here is an example of what our program looks like for these outlets used throughout the house. They are all controlled from an app on my phone.

These plugs are so amazing! Do yourself a favor and get them! This link includes two devices (so four places to plug in).

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