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Favorite Things List for 2021

It was the first Thursday of December and that means a My Favorite Things Party happened! It was great to be hosting it back in our home.

I'm including links for you to see the items. However, this is not a "price buster" better prices may be available at other locations. Items without links are items I couldn't find online. The price range for the gifts this year was around $13. Some items were purchased during sales and may retail now for over $13. Also, some items were grouped together to make the combined total.

  1. Zyia gift card for one lucky guest! Plus every guest who attended received a gift from my Zyia rep of $10 off a $50 purchase. If you would like to know more about this amazing activewear line, please join {THIS} Facebook group.

  2. Lumify eye drops - The whites of your eyes will be amazingly white with these!

  3. Gimme hair ties - These have incredible ratings on Amazon and are truly the best. No breakage!

  4. Sun Valley Body Wash in the Vanilla Orchid - You have to have a membership to Melaleuca to purchase. The smell is wonderful.

  5. Olaplex No. 3 - This conditioner is amazing. Wet your hair, leave it on for 10+ minutes, and wash it out. Love it! In fact, I use it all the time.

  6. Trader Joe's Classic Potato Chips - Described as having the perfect crunch and salt.

  7. Trader Joe's Brushetta

  8. Trader Joe's JoJo Peppermint Cookies

  9. Trader Joe's Olive Oil - the bottle by itself is cool, too!

  10. Trader Joe's Butter Toffee Pretzels

  11. Trader Joe's Caramel Chocolate Bar

  12. Trader Joe's Seasoning Gift Pack - 5 of TJ's wonderful seasonings in one gift pack

  13. Trader Joe's Cocoa Truffles - described as chocolate ice cream in your mouth

  14. Aldi's Chocolate bars

  15. Lindt Lindor Peppermint Truffles - this link takes you to a 2 pack

  16. Alaska Bear Eye Mask - comfortable, adjustable, and helps get better sleep

  17. Water Melon Cutter - gives you the perfect chunks of watermelon in no time - perfect stocking size for your watermelon lover

  18. Costco throw blankets - so soft!

  19. Mac Lip Gloss (Lipglass) - color: Candy box

  20. Maybelline Sky High Mascara - apply slowly for the best results

  21. Castor Oil with applicator - to help with growth for eye lashes and eye brows

  22. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream

  23. Stella Rosa - watermelon wine - comes in blueberry as well

  24. Coochy Plus Spray - Yes, you read that right! LOL! This is an after-shave spritz

  25. Gift cards to Back40 (a local restaurant here in the area)

  26. Gift cards to Starbucks with some Jim Beam Bourbon

  27. Merry & Bright three-wick candles from Home Goods - my house smells like a subtle, real Christmas tree - so fresh!

  28. IKEA casserole dish - The one given and shown in the photo below is the perfect size when cooking for two or to make a dip

  29. Pottery Barn Salt and Pepper Pinch Bowls

This year the party favor involved passing along kindness in the year to come through the Kindness Pot.

All the guests received a Crock Pot along with a laminated page explaining the Kindness Pot. You can read the poem in the photo above to learn more. If you'd like a copy of this, please email me,

Below is a link to some recipes that you might want to make for some friends.

easy recipes when taking someone a meal
Download PDF • 141KB

This party is always a ton of fun and such a blessing to me. Thankful it could happen!

Note: This post contains affiliate links.


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