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Favorite Things List for 2023

My Favorite Things Party always kicks off the season for me. This year was the 10th party. I absolutely love this annual tradition! My favorite part of the night was pushing the sliders into the wall and revealing the DIY Bouquet Bar. None of the guests had any idea. It was fun watching everyone design. Once people got home, I started receiving texts of photos of their flowers in vases.

We started the night with PAPER PLATE AWARDS, which are really more like superlatives. Every woman should get to hear how awesome she is or something special about her! So, I went around the room and "awarded" each guest with a paper plate award. Things like....

...most likely to "sleigh" all day

...most likely to only eat from the four elf food groups

...most likely to spread Christmas cheer for all to hear

After the paper plates, we had a quick way that people could win a prize. I picked a theme of hostess gifts for the three party prizes and the party favor. The three party prizes were examples of good, easy, and quick hostess gifts.

Going from left to right in the photo, there is a bottle of Prosecco with a brown box that fits over the neck. In the box is a wine stopper/cork for "fizzy" wines.

The next item is a cutting board/charcuterie board from Target. Tie a hand towel on the board to look like a bow, embellish it with a Christmas flower if you want, and you are done. I like a 30"x30" towel for the bow, but those are difficult to come by. In this photo, I used a 20"x30" towel.

The last item is a "self-care" gift with travel size items from Bath & Body Works all filled in a glass cookie jar. That jar was found in the Target Spot ($5).

The other idea for a hostess gift is an arrangement of flowers. I had a DIY Bouquet Bar set up on the back porch. However, no one could see it until the lights were turned on, so it was a surprise. Each guest left with a beautiful bouquet of Christmas themed flowers as their party favor.

In between the paper plates and the DIY Bouquet Bar, we did our gift exchange with our favorite items. I'm including links for you to see the items. However, this is not a "price buster" better prices may be available at other locations. Items without links are items I couldn't find online. The price range for the gifts this year was around $15. Some items were purchased during sales and may retail now for over $15. Also, some items were grouped together to make the combined total.

  1. Barefaced Everyday Eye Hero Patches (reusable) - They get five stars in over 100 ratings

  2. Wrist towels for face washing - I have heard great things. Can't wait to try them and stop the water from running all down my arms.

  3. Wood Wick Candle - it makes crackling noises like you are at a campfire - the giver gave them in lavendar scent saying they are extra relaxing

  4. 3-snack pack dishes - They came from Aldi; I can't find a link.

  5. Crinkle cutter for your veggies

  6. Cozy socks from Target

  7. Bath & Body Works Night Lip Balm - someone received this at a previous party and she can't travel without it now!

  8. Elliano's Coffee gift card

  9. Crock Pot Liners- so popular, they were sold out at the local Publix

  10. Chick Fil A gift card

  11. Travel Size Tarte Juicy Lips

  12. Mud Pie Coffee Mug with Hot Chocolate

  13. Balega socks - someone received these at a previous party and they became her favorite thing to share!

  14. Aquaphor - moisturize skin and lips

  15. Candle (any scent) - for relaxing while doing your morning quiet time

  16. Made with love recipes of a guest's five favorite quick night dinner items...I mean, how thoughtful!

  17. Natural deodorant by Little Seed Farm - you can order sample packets to see if you feel it works for you. Use the drop down menu to pick the scents you think you might like.

  18. Memory Foam, Fuzzy Slippers - These are THE Ugg dupe! Already two teenagers have tried to steal their mom's. Maybe a gift for you and your teen!

We had a lot of fun sharing our favorite things. Now the season can officially begin!

I received a lot of questions about the pineapple casserole recipe. So I'm posting it here. This is an indulgent side dish item.


2 large cans of chunky pineapple, drained

5 tablespoons plain flour

3/4 cup sugar

1-1/2 cup sharp cheese, grated

1 roll crushed Ritz crackers

1 stick margarine

  1. Spray a baking dish (don't go bigger than 8"x12" - I use one a bit smaller and oval shaped) with Pam.

  2. Spread drained pineapple in dish.

  3. In a small bowl, mix flour and sugar and sprinkle over pineapple.

  4. Sprinkle grated cheese next and then crushed crackers.

  5. Melt margarine and pour over crackers.

  6. Bake in a preheated 350* oven for 30 to 35 minutes.

And that's a wrap....

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things....

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

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