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#tipTuesday - Organizing Your Grocery List

I recently heard someone say they don't want Alexa in their home. My reply was, "Really? I think I could give up my phone before I could give up Alexa." We use Alexa so much. And this post isn't about whether or not the government is listening in on your home or whether you are secure with Alexa or whether you should have an Alexa. Instead, this post is about a great feature I recently found. However, if you have made the decision to not have an Alexa, then this #tipTuesday isn't for you.

All four of us in this house know how to add items to Alexa's shopping list. We have trained our boys to tell Alexa when they need something purchased. It's their responsibility to get it on the list so that when we shop, we can buy it for them. From time to time, I do find silly things like "10 lb bag of candy" or "lots of desserts." But for the most part, the boys use Alexa in a positive way that helps all of us. No one ever has to complain about running out of toothpaste or deodorant or pens for school, because everyone has ownership in adding whatever they need to the shopping list.

So when I shop, I open the Alexa app, pull up my shopping list, and work my way through the store --> UNTIL NOW!

When you open the shopping list in the Alexa app, you will see something like this.

It is all of your items but with no organization.

Recently, I found that if you open your Amazon app and select "Alexa Lists," then you will get an organized list!

Here is the organized list from the Amazon app:

It's my same list but organized for the grocery store. It makes shopping a little easier.

If you didn't know about this feature, now you do! #tipTuesday

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