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#tipTuesday - Surge Protectors

Suddenly, I have way too many things in my bathroom that need to be plugged in! An electric toothbrush, a hair dryer, a flat iron, a Tyme hair curler, a NuFace, and sometimes my brush dryer. GEESH! If I had built this house, I may have put in some thought to the outlet situation. However, I didn't build it and now I'm stuck with one standard outlet. So I had to look for some sort of surge protector, so I could have multiple things plugged in at one time.

For today's #tipTuesday, I'm sharing what I have learned in my research on surge protectors.

I would have loved to have {this one}. It would be so simple and plugged into the existing outlet, so that nothing more was on the counter. However, I only have a 4" width so with this being 4-1/2" wide, It wasn't going to work.

The next one I researched was {this one}. I like how the outlets rotate 90* since many bathroom plugs have those huge cube plugs that end up blocking one of the openings. By rotating these by 90*, I can get more plugged in. And at just under 4", it fits into my space. Again, I like this one as it doesn't have to sit on the counter. (BTW, this is the one I went with.)

I strongly considered {this one}. It is compact and a tower, which looks sleek. However, this is something that would have had to sit on my counter, and I was really hoping to avoid that. I did like that it had USB outlets built in as well.

{This} pivoting surge protector is a great option for those cube plugs that I was mentioning above. Again, not wanting something extra on the counter, I didn't get this one for the bathroom. However, I do think I might get it merely for when we travel. The hotel never seems to have enough outlets for charging all of our items in this family of 4, and a cruise ABSOLUTELY NEVER does! The way this strip pivots allows for bulky, cube-like plugs to be plugged in.

Honestly, I don't know if there could be a more boring post...ha, ha! But this is my life currently. Since I had researched a few options, I thought I'd share them with you. Have you seen or used a surge protector that you find practical?

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