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#tipTuesday - Teachers & The Dollar Tree

If you are opposed to The Dollar Tree due to things being made out of the country and possible toxins, I get it. If that's you though, this post isn't for you. As an educator, The Dollar Tree can be my best friend for certain things. For today's #tipTuesday, I'm going to highlight some of the items I like best to use in my classroom.

Do you need an eraser for your dry erase boards, especially the student sized ones? If I don't have some type of eraser readily available, my students will tear through a box of Kleenex to use a tissue as an eraser in no time. Instead, I have used these - microfiber cloths, socks, and sponges. I've also used facial cleansing pads but I haven't been able to find them recently at my Dollar Tree:

When working with my preschoolers, I love to help their fine motor skills strengthen. But you know it has to be fun! I use these mini tongs to have students squeeze open and closed while picking things up. Do you have students who are already really good at this, refine their skills with tweezers. They can practice picking up beads or buttons or beans with the tweezers, moving them from one container to another.

When I'm teaching the older grades, they love participating in escape rooms, especially for skill reinforcement. You can find pre-made escape room plans all over TeachersPayTeachers. I like using this toolbox from The Dollar Tree as the item the students have to unlock. (I get the locks off of Amazon.) I usually fill the box with candy, pencils, or stickers. (Also, items you can find at The Dollar Tree.)

Is your classroom in need of testing shield or privacy folders? The "fancy" ones are expensive. However, at The Dollar Tree, you can buy these mini tri-fold boards, use an Exacto knife, and cut them across the middle (longways) to get two. This makes them fifty cents each!

Large foam dice work well for multiple grades. Use them for demonstrations or put them in a math center.

The three compartment caddies are helpful. The Dollar Tree carries them in multiple sizes. I like this mini size for crayons. A supply my older students don't need out everyday, but a perfect place to store them and bring them out when needed.

Get creative on bulletin board borders. It's getting closer to summer. Grab a few pool noodles from The Dollar Tree and create rings to make this border.

I could go on and on....but these are some of my favorites. The next time you are in The Dollar Tree take some time to look at each item and ask yourself, "How can I use this in my classroom?" I know not every city has an IKEA, but this is also a great place to find items for the classroom at a lower price point.

Teachers, you've got this! You are almost to spring break! I'm cheering for you!


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