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Ziplining in Ocala, Florida

You might forget you are in Ocala, Florida when you start zipping on these lines. The Canyons Zip Line and Adventure Park was a fun place to escape for a day trip. The scenery is great.

The guides were professional & made you feel safe and secure. They continually checked our harnesses, as well as the stop gloves. If I had a con to say about the tour, it would be the gloves. Today’s zipline experience made it the fifth time I’ve ziplined. I’ve been locally, in Hawaii, and in Costa Rica. All of the lines I have done in the past had their own brake. With the lines at The Canyons Zip Line, you had to brake yourself using a glove covered in a leather strap. It wasn’t a huge deal. However, it is more comfortable when you don’t have to worry about braking or worry about your hand being injured on the line. I prefer the hardwood brake block system. It does make for a noisier ending on the line, but it is certainly easier.

The Canyons Zip Line and Adventure Park offers several different ziplining packages. Based on other zipline tours I have done, their prices are outstanding. While visiting, you can also go horseback riding, take a wine or chocolate tour, go gem mining, or go kayaking.

I would recommend this place as a good family day trip or a mom and kid day trip (that's what we did) to pass these weekdays of social distancing. I didn’t see an age restriction on the zip lines; however, I did see a weight range of 70 to 270 pounds.


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