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Disney Cruise - Day Two On The Dream

If you are following my trip report, you can read about DAY ONE BY CLICKING HERE.

Day two (Friday) - we woke up and the boat was getting ready to dock in Nassau. We aren't fans of Nassau, so we opted to stay on the boat. I woke up early and went to the gym to run 2 miles on the treadmill. The gym is small; yet, nice. There is a pretty good selection of equipment for a cruise ship. The gym was surprisingly crowded for 6:30 AM on vacation.

After my workout, I explored the spa a bit -- the same location as the gym. I had heard of families sending their dads to the gym to shower. This was because guests of the ship can use the spa locker rooms for no fee and their cabin was somewhat sending a person out of the room to get ready was helpful. I agree the showers in the locker room were nice. However, we were in a one-bedroom stateroom (#11020) and we didn't feel crammed. Therefore, I never sent TravelMan to the spa for a shower...LOL!

I grabbed breakfast for the kids from the concierge lounge and headed back to the stateroom. TravelMan went to the gym to workout, I showered for the day, and the kids watched one of the many Disney movies available on the TV.

B had checked out the daily navigator (the "schedule" for the cruise). He had seen some activities in the child zone that he was interested in. So at 9 AM,TravelMan took both boys and checked them into the child zone. From 9 to 11 AM, TravelMan and I laid out on the adult pool deck. Being concierge guests, we received 100 minutes of free Internet. S-L-O-W INTERNET. I think TravelMan read a magazine and then used our iPad to try to read about world news on the net during this time. I read a magazine and then decided to get a poolside massage.

Around 11 AM, we went to check on the kids. B said he was ready to go, because he wanted to go to the pool. Who could blame him??? After all, we were on a cruise. So we headed to grab some lunch and then played at the pool until about 2. The line for the AquaDuck at this time was anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes so we did not wait. There was a smaller slide that B referred to as the "Mickey slide". He spent a large part of the afternoon sliding on this. The height restriction for the "Mickey slide" was 38" and M is 37" -- so no riding for him. There was a dance party on the pool deck that the kids participated in.

B at the pool deck dance party

M at the dance party -- what is this move???

We went back to the stateroom and took naps. They were needed. We had been up until almost 10 the night before, gotten up early, and had been playing since we got on the ship.

When we got up, it was time to get ready for dinner. I told you the stateroom was huge -- with a full size tub. This is unheard of on a ship!

Our dinner this night was in the Enchanted Garden. Probably our least favorite of the restaurants in term of themes...and the food was still average (we never found outstanding food on the ship).

After dinner, we went to the kids' zone. One of the activities going on was a parachute play time.

Then we went to the pirate show that was done out on the pool deck. It was GREAT! The boys enjoyed it.

After the pirate show, the boys went to the Arrrrr-cade (pirate themed) and I went to do a little shopping on the boat. I wanted to pick up a few things for the boys and an exclusive scrapbooking kit -- all from Mickey's Mainsail.

We went back to the room this night to Mickey ice cream bars, a cheese plate, a pizza, and carrot cake awaiting us. (Again, something I called in ahead of time. Hey, it's a cruise...and we wanted to try it all.) It was another great and long day...we were all falling asleep around 9:30.

TravelLady Rating: After days one & two of the ship, I continue to recommend it for traveling with your kids!

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