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Disney Cruise - Day Four On The Dream

(If you want to start with Day One and follow along, click {HERE}. Day Two HERE. Day Three HERE.

We had to get off the boat this day. Whaaaa!!! You have to be off the boat by 9:30 AM. It was sad. I almost cried leaving. I LOVED the trip! Can't wait to go back...seriously,! I think you should save your pennies and budget for this amazing trip! It is perfect for kids who are potty trained up to at least age 10. I will have to go again when my kids are teenagers and tell you what we feel about it then. TRAVEL TIP: Wait until your kids are potty trained. If they aren't potty trained, they can't go in the kid zone (child care) and they can't get in the pool. There is a NO SWIM DIAPER policy for the pool. TravelLady Rating: After completing the 3-night cruise on Disney's Dream, I recommend it for traveling with your kids! In fact, we felt the 3-night was a little too short, so maybe opted for the 4-night if you can.

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