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Azul Beach Hotel - Mexico

The Azul Beach Hotel is a family-friendly resort. It is located about 20 minutes from the Cancun airport in Mexico. It is an all-inclusive with a kids' club.

Our family enjoyed this hotel especially the kids' club. Our kids loved everything about the kids' club. It is sponsored by Fisher-Price. I was a little concerned Fisher-Price would be too baby for our kids. But it was perfect. When vacationing as a family, I always enjoy a place that offers a kids' club. This club was included in the price of the vacation, which was another perk. However, our kids usually go to a kids' club for an hour or so and then want to spend time with us. This trip proved to be different. We would have to encourage our kids to "hang out" with us. After all, it was a FAMILY vacation...and these kids of ours aren't even teenagers. Ha! They should want to hang out with their parents (at least some of the time). Even in the evening, they would quickly eat their dinner with us, so that they could run off to play in the kids' club. Honestly, it was a treat to know they enjoyed it this much. The staff was so friendly. Our kids had a blast! Although I didn't need any Fisher-Price baby gear, it was available to be set up in the hotel room per a request. Things such as a bottle warmer, step stool, baby monitor, etc.

B checking out the Azulitos Club's activities for the day.

M & B in the kids' club talent show.

The property is on the ocean. However, I did not think the beach was great. There was a lot of seaweed on the beach. The hotel tried to do a good job of collecting the seaweed each morning, but they couldn't keep up with it. Me not being a fan of the beach could be because we live in Florida and we get to experience the beach often...and ours doesn't have seaweed. The water was calm with almost no waves, so you could enjoy it if you chose.

The rooms were nice & modern. We had a swim up suite which we all loved. We did not have an oceanfront room though. At first, I was disappointed by this. However, after a wedding taking place the first night and the reception out on the beach. I was glad to not be beachfront. We met other guests who said they could hear the reception until the wee hours of the morning. Our suite was quiet. From our room, you could go out to the terrace, jump in the water, and swim right to the bar. The bartender, Oscar, was one of our trip highlights. He was a complete joy. He introduced the boys to a Shirley Temple which they have continued to order in restaurants now that we are back home.

View of the pool from our terrace of the bar.

Another angle of the pool from our terrace.

Oscar at the swim up bar.  In this photo, I believe the boys were playing Leap Frog from the bar stools.

This is a photo of the backside of our room at night.

It was a treat to be at a smaller resort. The food and service were above average. I didn't feel the food was outstanding but above average for an all-inclusive. The service was on "island time" (and I don't think Mexico is an island...ha!). So it's not that the service was bad but slow may be a better word. It was nice that room service was included as well.

TravelLady Rating: I highly recommend this resort as a vacation spot for families. We look forward to returning to the property. On a side note, this is a family-friendly resort with kids everywhere. If I were traveling as a couple, I think I would look at a different vacation spot.

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