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Why Florida Residents Should Give the Disney Cruise a Try (at least once...)

So a Disney cruise?? I bet if you try it once, you'll be back for a second and a third and a forth... They are simply THE BEST vacation if you have kids that are potty trained. (Travel note: No swim diapers in the pools...wait until your kids are potty trained.)

Let me break it down for you. As of February 22, 2014, Walt Disney World raised the price of their one day, one park ticket to $99. You can view the current ticket price {HERE}. So for a family of four to get into ONE park for ONE day that is over $400...remember there is tax on the tickets. Yes, I know there are Florida Resident rates offered. Usually they are for a package of tickets, not just one day. As of writing this (February 26, 2014), there are currently no one day, one park specials for Florida Resident. To keep things apples to apples, let's compare this. No matter if you are a Florida Resident or not, you go today to buy one ticket for one park and your total is $99 plus tax.

Now that we've set the stage on the price of the amusement park. Under the Florida Resident rate on a cruise, I am paying $105 per day per person. Yes, you read that correctly for SIX more dollars, I am getting my lodging, all my food, my entertainment, shorter lines with the characters, and even childcare INCLUDED!!! When you look at it like that, you have to give it a try! I've seen the Florida Resident rate as low as $95 a day and I've seen it go higher. Therefore, you do have to watch them. (Generally, it is around $105.)

Unfortunately, since we are heading into March, spring break, Easter break, warmer weather...we probably won't see many Florida Resident specials until September. Yet, once September rolls around be on the lookout because there will be many specials (and often) from September through February. You can check out the specials {HERE}. They are updated every Monday. There are also military discounts.

Come on Florida, if you haven't given a Disney cruise a try, YOU.SHOULD! You can search this blog for Disney cruise reviews from our family. We recommend it to people all the time. We have never had someone come back not loving it. In fact, people agree that it is one of the best vacations EVER!

TravelLady: Since this entire post is about me encouraging you to try the Disney cruise, you already know that I recommend it. The only recommendation I would give on this rate is to know general dates you would like to sail. Because once Disney releases the new dates on Monday, they will only sell the special price to the first 50 staterooms. I realize that sounds like a lot of rooms. However, twice now, I have encountered waiting a few days and the special being unavailable due to selling out.

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