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Hotel Del Coronado

Oh, the Hotel Del Coronado. What a piece of history. To be truthful, we aren't into older properties but there is something special about the Del. Our room didn't have a view but it was spacious and slept us comfortably. My opinion is that the hotel isn't haunted. Then again, I don't believe in haunted places. :)

It was June so one might think the ocean was warm, but we are from Florida so our gauge may be a little different. That didn't stop the boys from playing in the sand and climbing on the rocks.

We spent one evening on the beach. It was beautiful. The sunset was great and the boys ran and ran. We all had a fabulous time. It was an exceptional evening.

S'mores on the beach was certainly special. I recommend you do this at least one night of your visit.

I visited the fitness center where I attended a fabulous spin class. I believe spin is all about the instructor; I hit the jackpot this day. The other mornings, I ran outside along the ocean. It was glorious and a wee bit chilly on a June morning for this Florida girl.

The pool is just average. It's basically a rectangle. Nothing special. Our boys are spoiled when it comes to pools. They want a lazy river attached, at least one slide, and more! LOL! We spent about 2 hours at the pool, then they didn't want to go back the remainder of the trip. This was fine as our days were busy checking out all of San Diego.

What the boys did think was the greatest part about the hotel was the elevator attendant. They got a kick out of that for sure!

The hotel is certainly expensive and old, so it may come across that this is a place only adults could appreciate. However, the kids had a great time – there is a kids' club and video game room as well. Plus, an ocean, a pool, flying kites on the beach, the ice cream shop, a candy store, and S'mores on the beach. This made for a great stay for our family while visiting San Diego.

TravelLady Rating: I recommend this hotel to families. There is so much to do in your own time and on your own pace. I found it to be a great, peaceful location, especially in the evenings after a long day of sightseeing in San Diego. Our family will be back!

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