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Curacao is a sister island to Aruba, Bonaire, St Eustatius, Saba, and St. Maarten. It is peaceful and full of history as well as beautiful water! On our trip we stayed at the Renaissance Curacao Resort and Casino. The hotel is a central location as there is plenty to do within walking distance. However, I recommend renting a car. You can see the island this way. At the hotel, there was a man-made beach. It was an infinity pool which had a bottom of sand and it appeared to be part of the Bay. It is for hotel guests and so it isn't as crowded as the actual beach.

The casino was dead in the evenings we were there. We like night life so this was a little disappointing. And this is more of a hotel than a resort. The positive is it's location.

The hotel is a short walk to the famous Queen Emma Bridge which is a pontoon bridge across the St Anna Bay. It connects Punda and the city Willemstad. Propellers are mounted on the bridge and allow it to swing parallel to the shore. When the bridge is closed pedestrians use it to cross over to the other side. Yet, when the bridge opens, two ferries bring pedestrians across the water.

The bridge closed and pedestrians walking across it.

The bridge opening up for a boat.

View from our dinner table at Sol Food

The hotel had several dining options. Additionally, there were many great restaurants just a short walking distance from the hotel. We enjoyed walking to them as the evenings were lovely. Yet, we wanted to try Sol Food. It was an adventure as we were going to eat at a STRANGER'S house! We know better. Our mothers raised us not to talk to strangers and certainly not to dine at their home. But Sol Food was recommended. It was on the other side of the island so in the rental car we went. The owners, David and Sunshine, greet you and make you feel at home (in their home). The food was great and so was the view. TRAVEL TIP: Sol Food is only open on certain days and a reservation is recommended, so make sure you plan accordingly.

While the man-made beach at the hotel was nice, we wanted to visit the real beach. And check out this water! We sure were glad we did! It is simply beautiful! Visiting the beach was another reason to have a rental car.

Look at this gorgeous blue water!

TravelLady Rating: I would go back to Curacao. It's great! While we didn't take our kids on this trip, Curacao is a beautiful beach location that kids would enjoy. However, I would recommend a hotel with more of a resort feel if taking children. Additionally, you need a stroller or kids who are ready to do some walking.

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