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#tipTuesday - Wash Cloths and Towels

What do you do with the wash cloths in your bathrooms (especially when you have teenagers washing their face every night before bed) or towels in the kitchen that you might reuse for wiping the counter? Honestly, in our house, my children seem to think it is okay to wad up a used wash cloth and put it in the corner of their bathroom counter to use the next day. Gross! I had to find a solution. Today's #tipTuesday is hopefully a helpful pointer to add to your home. We have found it to be an easy way to store wash cloths and small towels.

Let me introduce you to the cabinet towel rack. Let's take it a step further and rather than hanging this on the outside of your cabinet door, hand it on the inside. Once you do, it will look like this from the outside and you'll barely even notice.

Those little silver tabs are what you see.

I have gotten questions if these "tabs" mess up your cabinet doors. I haven't had an issue with this. Mine came from Target and have this rubber protection underneath the "tabs."

We have these on our kitchen cabinets that are below our sink and in the boys' bathrooms on the cabinet below each of their sinks. In the kitchen, I don't hang our hand towels, instead I hang our Norwex towels, which are microfiber towels that save money and are chemical-free cleaning. I use them to wipe my sink, countertops, and kitchen table with NO CHEMICALS! (As a side note, they are great and I'm giving a shoutout to my friend, Andrea, who could help you if you wanted to know more. {THIS} is a great video as well. )

You can pick these cabinet racks up up at Target or on Amazon.

Simple and easy solution for your wash cloths and small towels.

Even though in the photo this towel looks huge, it is actually a washcloth

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