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#tipTuesday - No Reason to Be Cold

We live in Florida and the high today is 50, yes FIVE ZERO! When my kids left for school it was 36 degrees. In Florida, we just aren't cut out for this. Plus, we don't have the clothes for it. Add to that I'm having some work done in our home today that requires the front door be open and basically, I'm freezing! Today's #tipTuesday wasn't planned to be this originally, but it occurred to me that I have such a simple answer for being cold, and it's worth sharing.

Way back when, space heaters were big "no-nos" in homes due to possible fires. Now there are tower heaters that are great and safe*. Our master bedroom is much cooler than the rest of the house. For about a year, we just complained to one another about being cold. Then it dawned on us to get a tower heater. Now, we have a tower heater in our room and simply turn it on when we know the temperature is dropping below 50 through the night. Of course, this heater is portable. This turned out be great on a day like today when I am working in my home office, which is by the front door of my house (remember it is wide open due to the work I'm having done). [I could only find my heater on Amazon as being refurbished.]

What I like about this heater is that it oscillates and has its own thermostat. We set it, and it runs until the desired temperature is reached. Then it stops running. If the temperature drops again, it comes back on. One night, we (okay, maybe me) accidentally hit the "max heat" button and by 1 AM, we were roasting in our room. It was over 85 degrees in there. Having a thermostat is key.

While I couldn't find a new version of my Bionaire, I did find the tower heater that my parents got for their guest bathroom. This is a room in their home that has always been cooler than the rest of the house. They invested in the Lasko Tower Heater. It boasts of having comfort select digital controls with 8-hour timer and adjustable thermostat, oscillating function for more room coverage, 1500 watts of comforting warmth, and 3 settings, including the thermostat setting.

When shopping for a tower heater, figure out what you want. Be sure to look for overheat protection and cool-touch exterior. There is no reason to be cold your room while sleeping, in your office working, or even in your bathroom. Long gone are the days of dangerous space heaters. Now we have tower heaters!

*I would never say that these couldn't cause a fire, so as with anything in life use with your own judgement.


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