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DIY Candy Bouquet

When I lived in Denver our local grocery store always had candy bouquets in stock. They were a great item to pick up for someone who was sick, a small thank you, or just to bring a smile. Now that we are in Florida, I don't see them in stores. I needed a small thank you gift for someone, so I decided to make my own. I used this YouTube video starting at the 7:45 mark (the mini bouquet) for this bouquet. I was able to get all of the items at The Dollar Tree except the skewers. I have seen them at The Dollar Tree before but they didn't have them when I went yesterday. No worries! I our grocery store is across the street, so I went there to grab them. A pack of 100 skewers was $1.99. This bouquet cost about $12 - $13 to make. A fun, little gift to take to someone. And believe me, when it left our house, my boys were disappointed (all three of them...even the big boy...ha!). They were hopeful the treat was going to be for them!

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