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Kindness During This COVID Situation

I want to start by saying I did not write the poem that is attached at the bottom nor was this my original idea. Yet, I have loved seeing it, so I wanted to share so that it can spread (just like the "You've been BOOed" at Halloween has spread). We have started this in our neighborhood and have already seen a great response. Plus, it will be fun for our boys when we are "cheered" back. I am trying to find small ways to bless people each day during this difficult time. I'd love to hear any ideas you have done or seen. Please share!

The idea is similar to "You've Been BOOed." You put together a few treats. They can be simple things like games or candy or sidewalk chalk or BunchOBalloons or flowers. You might decide to go big like a waffle maker with waffle mix or a wine and cheese basket. Be creative!

Here is an example of an "essential basket" - candy, vitamins, and hand sanitizer

Here is an example of a "treat bag." A local speciality popcorn store was supported in making this bag, which is an added bonus!

Here is an example of "waffle maker basket" with supplies for a family to make their own waffles.

You need to package your items (even it means putting them in a simple bag) and print the two pages found at the bottom of this post to include in your packaging. Leave the gift on the doorstep of a neighbor, friend, family member and run as the gift is supposed to anonymous. (Although, admittedly my boys were busted during their deliveries...ha!) Plus, this makes the transfer contactless for these days of social distancing.

The person receiving the gift is supposed to copy the two pages (TWICE) so that they can CHEER two others. They also hang the second page from their goodies on their door so that people know they have been cheered. Of course, you can cheer as many people as you'd like. No reason to limit it to just two families. Pass cheer along and feel free to share this post so that others can pass cheer along as well!

{Click} Here are the TWO pages you need to print to put in with your gift.)


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