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Health Journey

I know a girl who went to the gym almost every day for 10 years. That girl killed it in the gym (500 to 700 calorie burns). She was strong but not a size she wanted to be. In fact, her size only got larger, not smaller, during that time.

This summer that girl went a different direction, stopped working out, and started seeing weight loss.

That girl doesn’t see weight on others which is a beautiful thing, but this also means she didn’t see weight on herself. She didn’t know she had become the girl in the first photo.

That girl is me. I wake up feeling thankful that someone had the courage to post their health journey on Facebook, that I connected with her, and found out about something I had never heard of (and I thought I had tried it all). While my personality is bold, and I can be loud...I know that everyone is on a personal journey. I am more likely to be private about my health journey and I never want to feel like I’m pressuring anyone.

Then I was thinking about a spice rack I recently got and shared with others who said, “Yes, I have that one and love it.” Why hadn’t they shared it with me when they fell in love? The spice rack was a new find for me. I mean, a spice rack is a silly comparison but you don’t know what you don’t know. So in my balance of being private regarding my journey, I don’t want to keep information from someone who wants it like I did. Most people during COVID are talking about packing on pounds, while I was finding success in losing them. What are you going to do to turn 2020 around?

In the above photo, I'm holding the amount of weight I lost.

A health journey is more than weight loss. My resting heart rate is low. My doctor said it was fine as I had no symptoms. But I had the option of seeing a cardiologist, which I decided to do. Cardiologist’s Final Report: healthy heart Total cholesterol 149 (looking for anything below 200) Blood pressure 100/65 EKG - normal Resting heart rate - 51 (often dips into the 40s)

It’s never too late to take control of your health! Making small changes can add up to big results!

I met a new fit into my wedding dress!

I’ll probably never be done with my journey. But I’m back into a comfortable size; I never worry if my shorts will button; I get to wear all those shorts that were buried at the bottom of the drawer; and I eat every 2 to 3 hours.

It’s a journey. This post is to help hold me accountable. So, friends, help me do that! I also want to free you who feel like you have to go to a gym or for you who have to close your rings. I was like that and yet I didn’t have the results I wanted. I'd love to share more information if you are interested. Email me,

In a clinical study, the group on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® lost 10x more weight than the self-directed group. Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan is 12 pounds.

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