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A New Year with the Gift of Time

A few years ago, TravelMan and I implemented a date night for the two of us. It has worked great and been something that we both look forward to. Some nights our dates are special things such as a concert or show but most of the time it is playing tennis or trying a new restaurant or shopping or seeing a movie. It really doesn't matter to us; we just like being together. To kick off 2012, we gave dates to our kids. Each month the boys will get a date with either Mom or Dad. While TravelMan and I get plenty of time with the boys, this one-on-one time with the parent and child is important and something we don't get as much of. Our boys have already opened their January envelopes and are super excited about their "dates". The dates/outings throughout the year will be: go to the movies, go to the park, bake something of your choice, go to Adventure Landing, go to the book store, go out to breakfast, etc... None of the activities "out of this world" but this time will be special for each of us. Looking forward to having this one-on-one time with each of my kids this new year! *This idea was not my own. I saw something similar and tweaked it. :)

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