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What Goes Around, Comes Around

It's been over a month since I've blogged, but with good reason -- we moved across the country AGAIN! Now we are back in Florida. We are happy to be back in The Sunshine State as all of my family is here. It feels good to be back -- even with humidity filling the air!

We sold our previous Florida home, so we are in a home new to us once again. We didn't get to build this home or pick out any of the finishes. Yet, putting my thumbprint on the house has been important. I changed an awful chandelier in the dining room. And I laughed to myself once the new fixture went in. There is a saying, "What goes around, comes around." I guess this could be true for the dining room fixture. Growing up, I had a swag light fixture in my bedroom. You know the kind that swings from a chain, you put a hook in your ceiling to hang it and then the chain runs down the wall where you plug into an outlet?? Well, the fixture in my room growing up looked something like this:

And now in my dining room, I have the same type of Capiz light. I got the new light from West Elm. It can be found {HERE} if you are curious as to what it looks like. The new light in the dining room isn't a swag though, it is on a chrome pole, is hard wired through the ceiling, and has a more modern feel than this light from the late 70s.

Changing out a light fixture is an easy way to start to put your thumbprint on your home. I changed out a few other light fixtures as well:

-- This Baskin light is the new pendant look in our kitchen.

-- The three light pendant shown in the photo below is in our laundry room. It can be found {HERE}.


- I added a light in our foyer with a wood/galvanized mixture. We have the 6 light, but it also comes in a 4 light. Check it out {HERE}. One of the best compliments of this piece was when a middle school neighbor came over and said, "I really like your light. It looks like something Joanna would use." Yeah! That's all she had to say! I knew she was talking about Joanna Gaines. It was the best compliment of the day!

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