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My Favorite Things Party - 2016

Every Christmas I try to host a My Favorite Things party. It is always so fun. Plus, I always find there is something I end up using throughout the year that came from this party.

A Favorite Things Party is where you get together with friends and gift each other your favorite thing. For a successful party, be very clear on the invitation. I like to give examples of previous years' items as well. Each person brings 3 of the SAME item with a $10 limit per item. (Not everyone follows this guideline, but it is always encouraged that guest do!) Guests do not wrap their items; yet, they do keep them hidden until the gift exchange starts.

Also, each guest is asked to bring her favorite finger food, dessert, or wine to share.

Even though I'm not a huge game person, I have played a game every year at this particular party. I have to change it up a little each year. This year guests completed a quiz that was all about favorites.

- The favorite car make in America according to sales...

- The favorite toy ever sold according to sales...

- The NCAA football team that was the favorite at the start of the season...

You get the idea! The winner of the quiz (the person with the most correct answers) won a gift from me. Two of my favorites:

* Chip and Joanna Gaines magazine called Magnolia Journal

* Pre-cut parachament paper sheets for baking

Next, we drew names and started sharing our favorite things item. Here is a list (with links of where you can find it) of some of the great items! If the item is not underlined, then I couldn't find a link. If it is underlined, click the item to see the information on the link.

  1. Aveda Lip Saver

  1. A necklace from a local boutique, The Pink Nickel

  2. Earrings from the same local boutique, The Pink Nickel

  3. Re-useable bags that wrap into a flower for storage

  4. Sarcastic note cards by

  5. Neutrogena eye shadow crease proof in constant copper

  6. Flameless candles

  7. Arbonne Shea Butter Hand Cream

  8. Rabbit Wine Saver

  9. Moscow Mule cups

  10. OXO wine pourer/saver

  11. A necklace by BP from Nordstrom

  12. Canita Loredo Gift card

  13. Foaming face wash by Simple

  14. Rimmel lip liner; color – eastend snob

  15. BabyLips moisturing stick

  16. Hot/Cold water bottle by Rove with flavor infuser

  17. Bead bracelets

  18. Stubble bubble soap by Nicole Made This

And every party should have a themed cookie to go along with it. I couldn't find anyone to make these cookies; I guess you need to book themed cookies in July if you need them for December. *sigh* So, I attempted them myself. They are supposed to be cookies shaped and iced like packages then wrapped in a brown paper bag tied with string. *cue music*

This party is always great fun!

Read about My Favorite Things Party 2015 {HERE}

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