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Review of Daily Harvest - Prepared Smoothies Delivered to Your Door

Sadly, the saying that “the days fly by” has become more a reality for me rather than an idea. I know meal prep is important to keep eating on track, so when I heard about Daily Harvest, I thought I'd give it a try. I drink a protein smoothie for breakfast everyday; I didn't want to change that. So my mindset was to purchase these “ready to go” smoothies as a midafternoon snack to hold me over to dinner. This would save me time and I wouldn't be going to the pantry to grab chips or a handful of goldfish; plus, those things still left me hungry.

Daily Harvest delivers to your door with already portioned, frozen smoothie cups. When they arrive you put them in your freezer. And when you are ready you dump the contents of the cup into a blender, add some liquid, blend, and then pour back into the cup, add the straw lid (see side photo of how the lid is pre-cut for a straw),

​and you are good to go. This sounded easy enough and I wasn't going to have to shop for all the ingredients and then wash, chop, peel, etc...

I signed up for Daily Harvest. It was simple enough and at the time I signed up, I got one cup free as a promotion they were having. I did the 6 cups for one week, and got 7 the first week thanks to this promotion. I was able to order the flavors I wanted to try (although one flavor was showing SOLD OUT). The cups worked out to be $7.99 each (before the promotion). It would be difficult to do a side by side price comparison if making them at home as you would have to buy the entire package of seeds, even though the recipe may only call for 1 Tablespoon. Another example is purchasing the entire bag of spinach when you only need 1 cup. Yet, I know I could make these smoothies for less. The trade-off for me was the convinence of the work being done for me. The option to pause or cancel my order at any time seemed obvious (sometimes I feel like you have to hunt for this option with subscription services). So I moved forward.

The first week came in April. I live in Florida and it does get hot here, but in April our temperatures were in the 80s (still a good bit away from 100* – which is the temperature as I write this in the last week of June). ​

​The dry ice packets that the shipment was packed on seemed to almost be gone but the cups felt I transferred them to my freezer. I had ordered different flavors; this way, everyday would be a new experience. ​

​I tried one that I really enjoyed so I thought maybe it was worth it even though I was risking a defrosted package as we moved into summer and hotter temperatures. The next day, I didn't like the smoothie...I threw it away. The following day, ​

​I followed the directions on how much liquid to add but it was so thick, I had to eat it with a spoon (even after adding more and more liquid). The spoon wasn't ideal and I didn't really love the flavor either. I threw that container away halfway through. I had the next shipment come and the ice was all gone, the cups were soft to the touch...but I didn't want to throw them out so I quickly put them in the freezer in hopes to save them. I guess I did (they are still there). So I began to wonder, “Is Daily Harvest not for people in hot climates?” ...a question I haven't had answered.

The website claims, “Organic ingredients picked at peak maturity.” These cups are filled with fruits, vegetables, seeds, and more. Yet, the actual nutrient content varies from cup to cup. ​(Nutritional information for each cup can be found on the company's website.)

​For example one cup has 2 grams of protein where another has 14 grams protein. So you have to watch this. I saw calories ranging from a little and some up in the 400s (before the liquid had been added). Another thing to watch is that the nutrition labels are for ½ the cup, so you have to double the amounts if you drink the whole thing. And I bet until now, you thought the paper cup was one serving. Most people think this as well! This is something to be mindful of when making your selections.

I didn't fall in love with this program, so after the third shipment, I cancelled my subscription. The cancelation policy was easy (a click of a button). I give the company big praises for this! So many companies make it difficult to cancel a subscription.

I read that these cups last for up to 3 months in a freezer. I hope this is true because I have a dozen still sitting in my freezer. To get the Vitamix out, blend them, wash the Vitamix...and then not to love the hasn't been an exciting thought process. But I do need to continue to try the flavors I have in my freezer.

I have had another shipment come since this photo -- so now I have a dozen of these cups waiting for me.

Overall, these weren't for me. From them coming not frozen to the taste & consistency issues to the price point to the true convenience of are they really grab-n-go.

TravelLady: I was not paid or compensated by Daily Harvest for this review. I subscribed to the order process and paid like a regular customer. This review is non-bias and written as my personal thoughts on Daily Harvest.

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