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LipSense - Long Lasting Lipstick

LipSense is a lip color that’s made by the company SeneGence.

This from the SeneGence website, “LipSense is a unique product that is waterproof and does not kiss off, smear off, rub off, or budge off! And, just as important it does not dry out your lips. In fact, it helps to restore the moisture content of your lips when used properly. LipSense Liquid Lip Color can last anywhere between 4 and 18 hours.”

Let me tell you that is true! I recently found out about this lipstick – although the company is not new, it was to me! I wear this stuff all the time and it really does last all day. I love checking my face throughout the day and realizing my lips still look just as good as they did when I first applied. I find it a little confidence booster!

When you first purchase LipSense, you need to get the Starter Kit. This includes 1 color (of your choice), 1 Glossy gloss, and 1 Ooops Remover.

The color that you choose is applied in three layers, followed by the gloss. The gloss is the sealant that you put to make sure the color stays on for hours and hours! The Glossy gloss is the most moisturizing gloss of the glosses they offer. And the Ooops Remover (yes, it is spelled with three Os) is just that! If you happen to make a mistake, need to correct a line, or are ready to take off your lip color, the Ooops Remover is your friend.

After you get these three, you can purchase as many colors or glosses that you want! I personally bought the Matte gloss along with 3 other colors. This is the point where I decided I needed to stop paying full retail for this product and start getting it at wholesale. So I signed up to be a SeneGence Distributor. I can purchase all of their products, but for now, I've only tried the LipSense. And I'm obsessed!

For my blog readers, I'm offering 10% off the Starter Kit. To apply the discount, simply message me on Facebook and give me the code BLOG10. We will place your order from there. If you are ever interested in buying the products 20 to 50% off and/or selling the product, I'd love to discuss it with you! Or click the link below to be redirected to sign up for a wholesale account and/or to become a distributor.

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