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Need a good lip balm? Try SuperGoop!’s Acai Fusion Lip Balm. It contains 30 SPF. It is soothing and moisturizing. Personally, I don’t like wearing lip products that contain wax. However, I was getting sick and tired of my lips blistering in the sun this summer. I put a post on Facebook asking for recommendations. And I decided to go with a recommendation of the SuperGoop! brand. I really like it. It is super smooth. You can use it over lip color as well. While on vacation, I bought my tube in a beach shop for $10. Today, I found it on Amazon for $9.50 and free Prime shipping.

While I am discussing lip balms, another highly recommended one from my Facebook question was Sun Bum. I tried it in the pineapple “flavor.” It also contains SPF 30.

I liked it, but it did remind me of the waxy lip products that I try to stay away from. So, I am leaning more towards SuperGoop!. But you might like the Sun Bum…check it out for yourself. I purchased mine for $6 at the same beach shop where I got the SuperGoop!. Now that I’m home, I found it on Amazon for $6.95 and free Prime shipping. This product comes in many “flavors,” so you might prefer to try out a variety pack like the photo below. This link makes the tubes about $4/each.

Remember, Amazon pricing varies and changes throughout the month.

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