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Your Table...

Your Table...

What is the purpose of the table in your home? Some answers might be:

To eat a meal on

A place for homework to be completed

A waiting area for bills, keys, a purse

I have had all of these answers too. Yet, this summer I am being intentional on making the table be a welcoming spot for my family to gather. And since I have been intentional about it, I am starting to find this:

Yes, kids together at the table, talking, and no electronics! I have put out a puzzle…once the first one was complete, I put out a second one, and now a third! I also have put out Brxlz. They are like Legos but much smaller. My teenager is building a Gator helmet with them.

Since I have two tables in my living areas, I put a board game (set up and ready to play) on the other table. It’s so nice to see the kid sitting down playing together.

Set up a welcoming area -- they will come!

I have also found my husband sitting down to work on the puzzle or play a game with my kids. It's been an easy, intentional thing this summer.

Of course, I still get plenty of this around the house too! (A teenager watching Stranger Things)

If you are local and want to trade some puzzles, we'd love it!

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