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#tipTuesday - Washing your washing machine

I guess I should start today's #tipTuesday by stating that I'm not endorsing washing the drum of your washing machine. I guess take today's #tipTuesday more as a reminder. In fact, I'd love to hear if you actually do clean your washing machine. I do. And this isn't an ad for Tide, but it is the brand I use.

I have a top loading HE machine. So the process is simple...

This is the cleaner I use - you can find it on Amazon {HERE}:

I open one packet and pour it in the drum:

Close the lid, and set the machine to TUB CLEAN:

That's all! I don't wipe the drum out or anything when it's done. I just start a load of clothes whenever I'm ready.

What about you? Do you clean your washer drum?

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