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#tipTuesday - Advent Calendar

It’s October 1st and while I’m not here to rush the holiday season, you can’t avoid it. Christmas is already in stores. One thing I learned a few years ago is that if you have the intention of buying your kids a particular advent calendar, then you should get while you see it. Because once it’s sold out, it’s gone. For today’s #tipTuesday, don’t go crazy with the idea of a Christmas post on October 1st, but I’m going to review a few of our favorite advent calendars from the past. I’m a mom of two boys, so I’m going to throw in a few favorites that have been shared with me by girl mom’s too.

If you’ve followed me for awhile, then you’ll know that advent means way more to me and my family than a silly, little calendar. Yet, my kids (even at their ages) like the fun of the countdown calendar. …!

The number one in our house for years has been the Lego Advent Calendar. Since I don’t want to own two of these and I have one child who was born in an odd year and one child who was born in an even year, we alternate doors. If the day is odd, then odd year child opens. If the day is even, then even year child opens. Each door contains a mini Lego figure or decoration. Here is a preview of what the 2019 collection will include:

There are several variations of the Lego Advent Calendar. We usually opt for the City version.

While the Lego calendar has been popular at my house in the past, this year the request is for a Funko POP Advent Calendar. While a bit pricier than the Lego calendar, I do believe the items will be saved. Meaning my boys currently collect Funko POPs where I find Legos trashed these days. I will only purchase one, and we will apply the odd-even door system as explained above.

This Funko Marvel Advent Calendar comes with 24-mini Funko POPs, which are part of the Marvel 80th anniversary. There is also a Funko Harry Potter Advent Calendar and a Funko Fortnite Advent Calendar.

There is a Barbie Advent Calendar. This photo and link is for the 2018 calendar. I haven't seen the release for the 2019 calendar. However, if you didn't use the 2018 calendar last year, you could use it this year as it's only the doors that are marked (not the days of the week to go with it). With this, you get a Barbie on day one and 23-career themed items and accessories for the rest of the month!

Build your own nativity this season with the Little People Nativity Advent Calendar. This is probably my favorite, especially if you have little ones in the house!

Do your kids love Paw Patrol? There's an Advent Calendar for that!

Are your kids wild about squishies? Then they will love this Christmas-themed Squishy Advent Calendar.

Have an adult in your life that you need a gift for? We were in Costco this past weekend and saw Brewer’s Advent Calendar. The calendar is filled with 24-different types of German beer and is designed specifically to showcase small-craft brewers who are not available in larger supermarkets.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that old-fashion, chocolate advent calendar.

#tipTuesday: No matter what you select for an advent calendar, don't forget to buy early as when they sell out for the 2019 season...they are gone!

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