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My Favorite Things Party 2019

Well, the norovirus might have taken over the local high school mere hours before our party started, but even with last minute cancellations of guests, that didn't stop us from having a great time. People seem to love this party; this year did not disappoint.

We started the night with sharing our favorite beauty tip. I had included this on the invite, so guests had plenty of time to think about what they wanted to share. Let's face it, none of us are getting younger. I believe this was the 6th annual party, and all of us are gracefully aging together. Some of the beauty tips were:

- Dying your eye lashes so you don't have to wear mascara (location recommended: Lash Lounge Nocatee) - Arbonne products (nothing specific was mentioned)

- Hibiclens foam soap - using once a week helps to remove dry skin/dermatitis

- Neutrogena anti-wrinkle cream

- Adding coconut oil to the ends of your hair hydrates hair ends

- 15 minutes at night with cucumber slices on your eyes will reduce puffiness in the morning

- Laser Hair Removal (location recommended: Hello Smooth at the corner of Racetrack/SR 13)

- Clarisonic for daily face cleaning, especially when wearing makeup

- Clairol Root Touch Up will buy you time to hid greys before you color your hair

- Silicone face brush - hand held face "wash cloth"

- Whenever you apply make up, always use a brush. This is for all make-up. It gives a more finished look.

- One drop of Orange Essential Oil on your toothpaste each day will whiten teeth (Jodi from the party can order this for you if you'd like the Young Living brand) - Make your own anti-bacterial soap by getting an empty foam pump bottle, fill with distilled water, 3 TBSP castile soap, 10 to 18 drops of lavender oil

- ROC Retinol Moisturizer - day and night

- Use Monistat anti-chaffing gel as a primer (SmashBox dupe) ~ A side tip for this product is to keep it in your sunscreen bag as well and use it for chafing with wet bathing suits, sand burn at the beach, etc.

- Only buy make-up when there is a bonus being offered, more bang for your buck!

- L'ange hair products and tools -- all of them!

- Ponds anti-wrinkle cold cream, apply every night to face and chest

WOW! The favorite beauty tips were great and almost as good as the actual favorite things -- ALMOST... And even though it wasn't a true game, everyone had a number and I pulled "tickets" for winners. The prizes were Monistat anti-chafing gel, Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel seasoning, Joanna Gaines inspired leather earrings, and Cadbury ornament candies. (There are some of my favorite things, so I thought they would make great prizes.)

People brought the best gifts to share as well! We did the gift exchange. Here is a list of the items given. Note: Amazon links are given for clarification of the product but may not be the best price available:

1. RTIC tumbler with straw

6. Fuzzy blanket by Urban Plush (came from Costco and are SO SOFT)

9. Tart Warmer - run it in your house and your house will always smell clean. (I couldn't find the exact one, but it was purchased at Kohl's.) Along with the waxes for the tart warmer.

16. Earring and Necklace Set (locally found at Artsy Abode)

20. Yahtzee (Note: At time of posting this, it is a fabulous price around $5!!)

21. Built Bars - great protein bar - taste like a candy bar!

There were so many yummy foods and the Jingle Juice was gulped down by many. Here is the recipe for that: JINGLE JUICE INGREDIENTS

1 bottle (750ml) Whipped Vodka (note: I use way less as I don't care for the strong, artificial whipped flavor) 1 bottle Pink Champagne or Sparkling Rosé 1 (2 liter) bottle Cherry 7-up Cranberries for garnish optional INSTRUCTIONS In a punch bowl or large pitcher filled with ice, combine all of the ingredients. Stir well. Serve over ice and garnish with cranberries.

I know this party is coming every year and a few months ago the idea came to me to focus on the new year, 2020, with the party favor. At the end of the evening, I asked everyone to write down 5 things they would do if they knew they only had one month to live. I told them they didn't have to share the ideas so be as honest as possible. After everyone was done, I gave out this personalized journal that I had made for the party. The cover says Vision in 2020. Just like perfect vision being 20/20, I challenged my guests to take their list and accomplish those things in 2020. They were asked to take home their journals and write their 5 things inside. Then be intentional with goal setting on how they were going to get there or do it or check it off. I have already had a ton of great feedback from guests about this. Such sweet and unexpected texts about whatever I said at the end of the evening really resonated with them and their vision for 2020.

What a great way to spend the holidays with friends!

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