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#tipTuesday - Last Minute Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas

Christmas Eve is a week from today. For me, it always seems it's those little details or little gifts that cause me to panic in the last week. Maybe you can't get out of the house because you've unexpectedly done something and thrown out your back or a child has the flu. Maybe you are a teacher

and let's face it, this week at school is keeping you busy enough. Whatever the reason, we are all extra thankful for Amazon Prime this week.

So for today's #tipTuesday, I'm linking lists of items that should be $15 or less (you never know with Amazon's ever changing pricing). These things have been favorites in the past and hopefully will look like a hit to someone you have left on your shopping list! Simple stocking stuffers and/or last minute gifts (you'll have to scroll down on these linked posts to find the lists) - Click each list: List from 2015 List from 2016

List from 2017 is missing - sorry folks! Still 4 other GREAT lists to check out!

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